Become a full stack developer who understands the power of the HTML while being able to control and create robust Ruby on Rails applications. Take This Course, and you will enjoy a 6 week bootcamp where you will leave with several web apps and critical thinking skills.

We will also refer you to available positions through our extensive network after teaching you vital interviewing skills needed to be a self sufficient developer.

The languages we will touch are HTML, CSS, js, the jQuery library, ruby and the rails framework.

Our Structure

Attend classes two days a week while completing homework assignments & projects outside of class.

Class Setup

The best educations come from small class sizes and direct instruction, period. You will be part of a class no larger than 8 students.


Select students will be given immediate internships as a developer with some of the startups that we work with

Price: $2,450

Financing & Payment Plans Available

Class Instructor

Team Member

Alain Goldman

Rails Developer @ www.lootfly.com
CTO of beginnerprogrammers.nyc Organizer: BP's Meetup


No previous programming experience is required, but we would recommend you at least take one of our free appetizer courses on www.beginnerprogrammers.nyc.
Please bring a laptop capable of running either Linux or Mac-OSX. Install Ruby and Rails 4. (Send me an email if you need help with this step) Install Sublime Text

Price: $2,450

Financing & Payment Plans Available

The Alley 119 W. 24th St. New York, NY 10001